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Eric Kek
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First of all, thank you for your interest in ezGST, the easiest accounting software for SMEs.

We started the idea to design our own accounting software after hearing a lot of frustrations with the accounting software in the market from friends and family around us. The complains are common, they are complicated, hard to use, hard to maintain, hard to integrate with other business applications. Especially when it comes to GST implementations, applying the rules practically in accounting while staying compliant has put tremendous burden to accountants. It is quite common in some accounting software, which wasn't designed for GST implementation from the beginning, tried to brute force GST rules and applications with software patches, resulted breaking flows, not user friendly, and problematic.

Nevertheless, the GST rules and guidelines are still changing from time to time, which also means frequent accounting software updates, despite the patches needed for bug fixes. For some accounting software in the market, we have lost count of number of updates and patches released, and with some luck, backward compatibility with existing data may be taken care of. But still, in order to avoid catastrophic disaster, most will take times to backup the database before new updates or patches are installed.

In order to create an accounting software which is easiest to use, we started from building a team with diverse capability, as well as choosing platform which suits our purpose. Our design team has a diverse background in the field of software engineering, system and database design, accounting, tax, training, as well as ERP consultancy. With the goal of transform GST practical complexities into simple steps, we carefully design and review every single flow, while keeping the steps, context switching and even mouse clicking to the minimum. As a result, ezGST is so easy to use, so intuitive, and so flexible, at the same time provides full enterprise features which is unmatched by any accounting software in the market. Also, with our expertise in web hosting for more than 17 years, we distribute ezGST as SaaS (Software as a Service), which enables easiest maintenance: seamless software updates, auto-backup, auto-disaster recovery, which translates into lower IT costs for our customers!

ezGST is currently used by hundreds of happy subscribers from over 20 industries. Hereby, i sincerely invite you to join us today to change your experience with GST accounting to a great one!

Your Sincerely,

Eric Kek 

Managing Director of Good Software Sdn Bhd

Onnet Group of Companies