SaaS Based Accounting & Point of Sale

Software as a service

ezGST and ezPOS are both SaaS Based Software, which can run directly from the web browsers without any downloads and installations required. Although SaaS has becoming popular, and represents the largest cloud market and are still growing quickly, however, in Malaysia, there are only a handful of  Accounting and Point of Sale software delivered through SaaS, though most claimed themselve as "Cloud Software" providers

With our expertise in hosting technology for more than 17 years, we hereby present SMEs the best-in-class SaaS based Accounting and Point of Sale software, which has fully unleashed the benefits of cloud computing for businesses.

SaaS Based Software

No Installation

Work on any device, anywhere any time. No complicated hardware/operating system requirements

Real Time Data Accessibility

No more data syncing issues,  work on everything in real time

Maintenance Free

Application, runtime, data, OSes, servers, networking, all maintained by us. You won't even notice its existence

Better Collaboration

Collaboration with your partners, advisors and auditors all on the clouds in real time

Cost Effective

Easier supports, zero maintenance and no hardware upgrades required translates to lower cost for your business

Switch to ezGST today!

Penang: +604 683 0806 / KL:  +603 7880 0887

Other "Cloud" Software

Installation and Hardware Setups

Overheads on downloads, installations and hardware setups. It's considered lucky if new updates doesn't break your data

Data Bounces from Place to Place

Data syncing is easy (?) and transparent to users. You won't even know if the syncing is unsuccessful :)

On Site Maintenance

On site maintenance is available thru support teams, but with a hefty cost

Meetings & Ad-hoc Data Transfers

Collaboration via data transfer back and forth causes double work

Why monthly subscription when other software only asks for a lump sum?

We are not only offering a software, but cloud services. You could access to our cloud services 24x7, without the needs for maintenance and upgrades. Our monthly subscription fees are very attractive, considering purchasing and maintaining your own database server would cost around RM5000 for every 3 years, not including the cost of the accounting software.

How do you make monthly subscription affordable?

Onnet group of companies have 17 years experience in hosting services. We manage each user's database with optimum efficiency by scalling up/down server resources on demand, while keeping the data isolated and safe from each other. Unlike the ordinary office setups, servers are turned on 24/7, even if there're no users requiring its services. By subscribing to our cloud services, you are actually helping the earth by saving precious resources.

Does it works offline?

While an internet connection is required to start ezPOS, it will stay operational even after a complete disconnection. For ezGST, it's required to stay connected to the internet while operating on it. The data bandwidth required to work on both ezPOS and ezGST is very minimum.