How to Create Purchase Request for Quotation?

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Step 1

  1. Select on "Purchases" on menu.

  2. Then continue select "Request for Quotation" on the submenu .

  3. Click  to start create purchase request for quotation.

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Step 2

  1. Select "Supplier" from the list,  then select 
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Step 3

  1. Click on  to create product line Items

  2. Choose "Product" and update "Quantity".

  3. Unit Price/Taxes can be pre-defined so refer to "OnnetERP-Create Product" Tutorial.

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Step 4

  1. Refer to Support Team if you need to set Incoterm.

  2. Otherwise, skip this step.

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Step 5

  1. This is an optional field (pre-defined):

    • Expected Date - This is expected delivery date

    • Destination - This is location the stock would send to (default = WH/Stock)

    • Invoicing control - 3 options to selects:

      • Based on Purchase Order lines > Its allow to match multi PO order lines and create Invoices.

      • Based on Generated Draft Invoices  > It will automatically create “Drafts Invoices”.

      • Based on Incoming Shipments > Its only allow based on incoming shipment (once transfer) and then create Invoices.

      • **you can refer to Invoicing Control Menu on right.

  2. Payment Term - Select your payment term.

  3. Click   once you finished your edit.

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Step 6

  1. Click  and select "Request for Quotation" .

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Step 7

  1. Request Of Quotation printed out.