How to Create Sales Order?

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Step 1

  • If Quotation already created then go back to Quotation and click “Confirm Sale”.
  1. You can print your “Sales Order” now.
  • If it is a new Sales Order (without Quotation) – similar step as Create new quotation :

  1. Select "Sales" on menu.

  2. Then continue click "Sales Orders" on submenu.

  3. Click   to start create Sales orders

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Step 2

  1. Select "Customer" from the customer list   for sales order.

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Step 3

  1. Select . Add item = Add product.

  2. If you need to add more product, just click on .

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Step 4

  1. Product Added with "Product", "Quantity", "Taxes".

  2. If customer want to delete the product that have been added, click the tiny rubbish bin  .

  3. After finished adding products, kindly select "Other Information".

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Step 5

  1. Under Other Information Tab: This is Pre-Defined but allow user to select setting suit you.

  2. Shipping Policy ("Deliver each product when available", "Deliver all products at once").

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Step 6

  1. This is Create Invoice options:

    • On Demand – DO is automatically created and you allow to select Create Invoices.

    • On Delivery Order (Default) – It only allow based on DO Transfer then Create Invoices.

    • Before Delivery – Draft Invoice created and Skip DO (*Do not select this if stock control is used)  .

  2. Other fields are Optional:

    • Salesperson

    • Fiscal Position

    • etc

  3. When everything is complete, kindly return back to  "Order Lines" and click "Update"   and most importantly is to select 

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Step 7

  1. After "Save" and "Confirm Sale". You can print your Sales Order now.